The Nook plus a Living Room REVEAL

Oh my! I never thought I’d be writing this post. But the nook is finally nothing but a memory and our living room now has a sense of purpose, presence, comfort and functionality.

This has been a LONG TIME COMING.  We changed our minds quite a bit along the way, nixing ideas we initially thought were great, incorporating things we thought we wouldn’t want. In the end, it took living in this room for a while to figure out how we wanted it to feel.

If you want to start at the beginning… Here’s where we were with the nook nine months ago. This was the photo from the final walk-thru on the house. You can see the more dramatic, side-by-side before and after at the bottom of this post.

What to do about that nook?

What to do about that nook?

And here, after Phase One and Phase Two of ‘dealing with the nook’ is where we have landed with that space. No More Nook 1You’ll notice that despite our plans, we decided against the mantel for the time being. We found the space doesn’t actually need one. We have the shelf beside it and the bench in front of the nook actually makes everything quite cozy.No More Nook 4

In terms of Phase Three finishing touches, we painted it all out in Igloo White and then bought some 2″x1″ strapping in 8 foot lengths, cut them down and nailed them to the edges as trim. We saved a lot of money doing it this way versus buying actual trim. Trim pieces are about $11 for an 8 foot length, whereas this strapping cost us only $1.79 per 8 feet!! All we had to do was sand it down a bit and paint it.No More Nook 3

Dan also re-mitered the corners of the baseboards we had removed so they would fit the new space. We repurposed a weird ceiling board from the previous owners as a baseboard along the shelf (it didn’t have one before.)No More Nook 2

We really only have caulking left to do. We are letting the boards settle for a couple days and then Dan will fill in the holes and seams this week. There’s a teeny bit of touch-up paint that also has to go on near the ceiling where we removed some trim too. But for all intents and purposes, the nook is complete🙂  No More Nook 5

Having the nook dealt with really makes our entire living room feel ‘finished’. What a relief!! It really set the stage for the rest of the room.New Living Room REVEAL 6

There are still some pieces we’d like to get, namely a footstool or a pair of floating ottomans. We haven’t found any that fit the bill yet. And that coffee table is still living on borrowed time. I’m just not convinced it’s the right thing for the space, but until I find something different, it’ll stay right where it is🙂New Living Room REVEAL 5

I think we did a fairly good job at incorporating elements that we love into this room, though, such as the planked wall, the large scale art, Moroccan-style hanging lanterns and pops of colour. New Living Room REVEAL 4These are all things that have repeatedly shown up in ‘inspiration’ posts over the course of the last few months. The budget for this entire room came in at less than $3500. That includes the nook (de)construction and all the tools and supplies.New Living Room REVEAL 3

Here’s the living room source list and budget break-down.

Couch – Lazyboy, $1200

Chairs – Melby from Ikea, $400 each

Coffee table – $50 Kijiji

Chest of drawers – $21 Value Village (and then I reclaimed it!)

Bench – $85 (It used to be a coffee table!)

Planked Nook wall – $295 (includes all supplies from the nails to the paint)

Console table – $200 Bouclair

Standing lamp – $80 Kent

Owl vase – $20 HomeSense

Rug – $600 HomeSense

White and blue lanterns – $20 and $14 respectively, Pier One

Office style lamp – $8 Value Village

Graphic picture frame – $5 Michael’s

Grand total: $3392

Everything else we either already had or was free🙂New Living Room REVEAL 2

We spend quite a bit of time in this room. Truthfully, 90% of the time the couch is covered in a blanket for the dog🙂 But that’s how we like it… comfy and liveable… and nook-less … haha

New Living Room Reveal 1

Only one more room on the main floor in need of attention – the kitchen. Dun. Dunnn. Dunnn…😛 It is definitely next on our hit list.

Goodbye Nook. We barely knew you. And we totally judged you and shut you out. Sorry, but now we like our room better.Crazier Living Room before and afterNook Before and After

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14 thoughts on “The Nook plus a Living Room REVEAL

  1. What a transformation! It is not an unreasonable budget considering all that has transpired to create this comfortable and nook-less area. I really like the mirror and bench combo. Plus, you have the satisfaction of accomplishment. Nice job. -Joanne

    • Thanks Abby! I’m so relieved it’s over, truthfully. Now I’ll have to find some other corner of our house to obsess over haha🙂 Thanks for reading and commenting. It always makes my day, Erin

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  5. Hi, came here by way of TDC. I went back to the links you provided to see your various nook phases.
    I couldn’t find an answer to my question–what is under the bottom part of that nook that they built around? I saw what the open top area/nook looked like, but I’m wondering what is under the bottom part.🙂 Thanks

    • Hi Chrissy – I hadn’t realized we didn’t write about that! Thanks for asking.
      The bottom part of the ‘nook’ conceals our front hall closet. We did have the option of removing it completely and redoing the floor there – but that would have left us with no closet on the main floor at all. Hopefully that answers your question🙂
      Thanks for stopping by!

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