Weekend Web Inspiration

Rainy, rainy, rainy.

T-minus 14 days until the move (we take possession sooner though).

Mattress set is ordered.  New dining room table is ordered.  Yes, we shopped around and decided the Pier 1 table was the one we liked best.

We are compiling boxes and have ordered the moving truck.  It seems like only a few days ago we got married.  Oh wait, it was!

Here are some projects, photos, blog posts from around the Interwebs that could prove useful for sprucing up some spaces or items in the new house.

Crazy beautiful Before and After of a plain old dresser. Courtesy: centsationalgirl.com

Our current Master Bedroom dresser is a tired old girl.  Last time she saw a coat of white builders paint was *gulp* EIGHT years ago before Erin moved to go to grad school.  She’s lovely, but needs some love.  Some lovin’ like the addition of a few lengths of panel moulding and fabric might be the way to go. Not an essential project, but wouldn’t it be lovely?

Using an old photo frame and some fabric, spruce up a utilitarian towel holder!  Courtesy: Thriftyandchic.com

With three bathrooms in the new house, including a convenient main floor powder room, this could be a great way to add colour and life to otherwise bland spaces.  Also a great way to re-use frames we already have.  Why do we have SO many frames!??!

Wall mounted drying racks and painted concrete floors in the laundry room. Hella ya! Courtesy: viewalongtheway.com

We want to paint the drab concrete floor in our laundry/sewing room area, if anything just to clean it up – but stripes!  Amazing.  Also, to save on space and keep things tidy, we are investigating these wall mounted drying racks.  This is just one style we could use.  But they are lovely and functional all in one.

Bon weekend!

Erin and Dan

What do you think? Let us know! Comments are the best :)

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